How to Buy Gold in Arlington TX

Have you ever heard of the expression, “good as gold”? There’s a big reason why gold is so good. While the value of currencies, stocks and retirement packages varies wildly from day to day, gold always remains valuable. However, not all gold is alike. Here are some tips for those who are serious about wanting to Buy Gold Arlington TX.

What Percentage Should Be Gold?

Before you Buy Gold In Arlington, you need to take a long look at your total financial situation. Talk to your financial advisor about how much money you actually have and how much you can safely use for gold coin and bullion purchases. A general rule is that 10 percent of your financial assets should be for gold, but this can change according to your individual situation.

Storing Gold

Another important thing to consider is where your gold is going to be stored. Your financial advisor should be able to give you many alternatives. Forbes magazine does not recommend banks to store gold. Banks are not secure enough. Forbes recommends storing the gold at home if your home has a safe and home security equipment. You can also try a depository.

Gold Coin Purity

Don’t mess around with collectable gold coins or coins listed as gold. You have no idea how much actual gold the individual coins contain. The only way to be sure is to buy coins certified by national mints. For example, the American Eagle gold coin is 91.67 percent gold. That’s about as pure as you are going to find. The other materials in the coin are silver and copper. Without the silver and copper, the gold coin does not stay hard enough for storage.

Check for BBB Certification

When researching gold dealers, check to see that the dealer has been certified by the Better Business Bureau. Also check to see what rating the BBB has given the dealer. You can also check for complaints against the dealer or if the dealer has recently lost certification. The longer the dealer has been in business, the better the chances are that they are ethical dealers.


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