So Many E Juice Flavors to Choose!

E juice flavors make the electronic cigarette experience complete. You can have no flavor if you prefer, but then where’s the fun in that? There are so many flavors; you simply have to try the varieties to find which one works for you. Whether you like to go mellow or bold, simple or complex, sweet or sour, it doesn’t matter. The range of flavors is huge. You have the opportunity to find exactly the flavor to suit you. Personalize your e-cigarette with your own flavor style.

Tobacco E Juice Flavors

Though there are not many tobacco e-juice flavors, what is available is top notch. You have classic and menthol options. There are bold flavors and lighter blends. Some people like to blend them and create their own flavors. In whatever way you go about it, the tobacco flavors are a great way to transition from real cigarettes non smoking electronic cigarettes. Keep in mind; it is not the same as smoking. You don’t get the smoke flavor or the burn. You get a vapor creation, which is healthier and more flavorful.

Fruity E Juice Flavors

Many people like to transition to the variety of fruity e-juice flavors and start with them immediately. This makes your vaping experience fun. The delightful spectrum of flavor options makes it a joy to taste different things. Fruit flavors can be effectively combined to meet your tastes. If you prefer, they can even combined with other flavors such as some of the tobacco e-juices. Used alone, the fruity flavors are a gentle delight similar to candy. In fact, there are candy flavors. You could design your own or try existing ones.

Candy E Juice Flavors

When it comes to e-juice flavors, the candy flavors can be a major treat. The only trick is not consuming too much of them! Truly, there have been some wonderful flavor inventions in this category. These are fun to mix. Try mixing them with the fruit flavors to taste what you get. These are truly awesome vaping experiences. Let’s face it: smoking tastes bad. When you switch to vaping, the flavors can be wonderful and you get the opportunity to be creative.

Think about the concept. When you switch from smoking to vaping, all of a sudden, you have this huge range of flavors to play with. At first, you might have to buy Mt Baker Vapor many flavors to find what suits you best. Eventually, you settle on a few favorites or maybe just one becomes your favorite. No matter what, you move from nasty cigarettes to fantastic tasting electronic cigarettes, offering you a huge variety of tasty pleasures.

Specialty E Juice Flavors

One of the great things about buying from Mt Baker Vapor is the specialty flavors they offer. These are unique blends, which can be a special vaping treat like no other. Check them out and enjoy.

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