Why Some Smokers Prefer Little Cigars

These days, cigars can come in a large variety of different sizes and flavors. In recent years, little cigars have become a lot more popular. Little cigars are also known as small cigars, miniatures, and the most widely used term, cigarillo. Certain little cigar brands market their little cigars as mini cigars and/or club cigars.

There are actually a number of different reasons why little cigars are becoming the preference of more and more smokers these days. Regular cigarettes used to be a lot less expensive, and as the price of cigarettes has increased tremendously over the years, a large amount of smokers are beginning to look for alternative tobacco products they can purchase at lower prices. Little cigars cost less than cigarettes, and the tax on little cigars is lower than the tax on cigarettes. Also, little cigars come in different flavors, while cigarettes do not. This is actually another reason why some smokers are starting to find little cigars more appealing.

The Difference between Little Cigars and Cigarettes

Although they have some similarities, little cigars and cigarettes are not exactly the same thing. As a matter of fact, many companies that market little cigar brands do not market cigarettes under those same brand names. Little cigars are larger and thicker than cigarettes, and are usually wrapped in brown tobacco paper or tobacco leaves. This is unlike cigarettes, which are wrapped in small white papers. Also, there are around three grams or so of tobacco in a little cigar, while the amount of tobacco in a cigarette is less than one gram. Little cigars are usually between 3-4 inches long and cigarettes are barely more than three inches in length. The diameter of a little cigar is 6-9 mm, while cigarettes are only eight millimeters in diameter.

The Difference between Little Cigars and Large Cigars

Regular cigars are considerably larger in size than little cigars. Little cigars have a short and narrow design, while large cigars are thicker and longer. It is a fact that in the last decade, sales of small cigars have significantly increased, while the sales of large cigars have noticeably declined. The smoke from large cigars actually contains higher levels of carbon monoxide and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) than the smoke from a small cigar, which makes the secondhand smoke of large cigars worse than that of small cigars. Also, small cigars come in a much broader assortment of different flavors than large cigars.


In conclusion, some smokers are starting to prefer little cigars to cigarettes for a number of different reasons. Additionally, little cigars have similarities, as well as differences, when compared to cigarettes and/or large cigars that some people enjoy. Click here to buy little cigars online

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