Ideas for Party wear for Men and women

by | Jun 24, 2010 | Clothing

Most people get confused when it comes to selecting party wear. Following are some useful men and women party wear ideas:

Men Party Wear Ideas

Party Wear

Party Wear

Party Suits

Men usually commit the mistake of selecting ill-fitting, tailored suits. This is the reason you should select appropriate fitting suits and have it properly tailored. Get your neck, sleeves, shoulders and waist properly measured. You should also pay attention to the fabrics while selecting party wear suits. Worsted wool suits are appropriate for night party. Gabardines or mid-weight corded wools are some of the popular varieties of party wear suits. Such fabrics are wrinkle free and regain their original form even after they are squeezed.


If you have a larger waistline then you should opt for pleats. They will help you cover your tummy and make you appear lean. Ensure that the waistline of the trousers you select is comfortable and you can insert two fingers into the waist even after wearing them. Remember that your trousers should always reach your shoes. If you are short in height then you should do away with cuffs.


Your jacket should fit you appropriately without exposing any protrusion. Avoid wearing the traditional American cut suit consisting of two buttons at a party. Ideally, suit jackets with three and four buttons are perfect for a party.

Women party wear ideas

The venue and occasion of the party will determine the clothing for the women. There is no dearth of ideas when it comes to selecting clothes for women party wear. There is a wide range available of varieties ranging from designer gowns to tube tops for women. Some the popular party dresses include jacket dress, shoulder dress and stand-up collar dress.

Night Clubs

Clubbing clothes or halter tops are perfect ideas when it comes to parties held at night clubs. Mini skirts or tight skirts can also be worn at such social events.

Cocktail Parties

Women usually adore cocktail parties and cocktail dresses are recommended for such parties. A cocktail party can provide dazzling appearance. Moreover, cocktail dresses can be considered as the most versatile dress and can be worn for many other occasions as well. The attire can be augmented with striking fashion accessories.

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