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Differences between centrifugal and masticating juicers

Most people fully understand the value of fresh juice. Gone are the days when oranges were the staple of fresh squeezed juices, today any fruit or vegetable is a candidate for juicing. If you are about to become a “home juicer” you may be interested in knowing that juicers are available in


Tips for Buying Products For Natural Black Hair

Your natural black hair has special care requirements which can often make finding products a challenge. You may not find products in the mainstream stores and you may also have found some of the products you have tried do not provide the effects you were hoping. Here are a few tips to


Stay Smart and Safe under the Sun with a Beach Umbrella

No doubt, having your child suffer a severe sunburn is not only a painful experience but with the sun’s intense UV rays, those sunburns can someday result in far worse damage. Monitoring the amount of sun your child is exposed to is way to keep damage to a minimum. Of course you


Some great places to look for stylish and fashionable party dresses

Although there is no shortage of supply when it comes to party dresses, many people are looking to get a lot of value out of the money they spend, so they will naturally want to try and find the places that offer the best value for money. Many people can be disheartened


The Story Of Sneakerheads

What’s in a name? Sneakers have several. They may be called Keds, Canvas, Kicks, Trainers, Talkies, gym shoes, tennis shoes, runners, running shoes, gutties, sneaks, rubber shoes, athletic shoes and sports shoes. Throughout the world, the term “sneakers” conveys a meaning to those who wear it. It has become synonymous with sporting


Gift Ideas for the Green Conscious

Even if you have not jumped on the eco-friendly band wagon yourself, if you are shopping for an eco-minded friend or family member it isn’t a bad idea to offer them some eco-friendly gift items that will let them know you are listening. Regardless of the occasion there are plenty of green

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