Reasons To Rent Your Trade Show Booth Displays

When most people decide to do a trade show, they think they have to buy their booth. While there are many advantages to purchasing displays to use again and again, there are also significant benefits of renting them when you need them. It is up to you to decide if renting or buying is a better choice, but there are eight reasons to consider renting.


It is typically cheaper to rent a display instead of buying one though you can save money by purchasing one if you will use it frequently. If you’re only doing one or two shows a year, it may be best to rent.


Once you have a specific trade show booth, you are stuck with it. While it can sometimes be changed around, renting will allow you to pick a whole new structure if you desire.


If you rent your displays instead of buying one, you can focus more of your money on having terrific graphics, a great message and swag to help you be remembered after the tradeshow.


If you have decided to do tradeshows frequently but haven’t done one before, you may want to consider renting a display first to try it out before you buy it. After you have tested it and liked it, you can always purchase one similar and have it customized to fit your needs.

Install and Dismantle

Typically, if you purchase the display to use, you will be responsible for any installation and dismantling required. If you cannot do it yourself, you’ll be required to pay for it. However, I&D is usually included for rentals without charging extra.

No Storage

If you are a small business, you probably have no extra room to store booths when they aren’t being used. While you can always find a way to use it in the office, it may take up too much space. Renting doesn’t require you to store the items once you have used them.

Overlapping Shows

People typically overlap their tradeshows to get out there more and be seen. However, if you purchase a display, you’ll have to tear it down quickly and set it up again at the next event, which can be complicated and cumbersome. Renting a display or two can easily allow you to attend both shows, have an excellent time and hopefully find new clients and customers.

Trade show booth displays can be rented or purchased to provide a more customized approach. No matter which one you need, Exhibit Options is available to help you, so visit their website today.

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