Secrets to Purchase the Best Glass Bubblers Online

by | Nov 15, 2014 | Business & Economy

There are many different types of glass pipes and one of the most common ones used today in the bubbler. If you are the kind of person who likes to use bongs but you can’t find one of a larger size then a bubbler would be suitable since it is considered a larger bong. The only difference with bubblers and bongs comes with maintenance and care. Glass bubblers have to be well-taken care of because they attract dirt a lot easier than bongs. You can easily blow stale smoke out of a bubbler than a bong. This is why bubblers are usually recommended for newbies who still have a problem clearing a bong. When purchasing a bubbler, there are a few factors that you may want to consider in order to make the right decision.

1. Size of the carb

A carb is basically a hole in the glass pipe that is placed there in order to prevent stale smoke and also make it easier for you to clear the pipe. Bubblers usually have thumb carbs but they come in different sizes. Ideally, the carb should be large enough so that you can clear the pipe. When the carb size is large, you will also find it easier to clean the bubbler. Remember that glass bubblers have high maintenance demands and they need to be kept clean at all times.

2. Check the downtube

It’s also important to check the downtube of the bubbler before purchasing one. The downtube and the carb should basically be of the same size. So if you select a bubbler with a big carb make sure the down tube is equally large. If you don’t do this, you have a problem clearing stale smoke. You’ll have traces of stale smoke remaining in the pipe which is never good. A downtube that is long enough will also work better.

3. Quality of the glass bubbler

With so many glass bubblers online, it’s tough to choose one that is best for your needs especially if you’ve never made this purchase again. You can start by shopping for a glass bubbler online because you are likely to find a wide range of options to consider. Also make sure the glass is thick enough to last long. Check reviews of different clients in order to know whether the online retailer has a reputation of providing quality glass pipes.

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