The Evolution of Women’s Clothing

by | May 11, 2013 | Clothing

  Clothing for women has evolved over the years. You can even find clothing lines at the feed store in Folsom CA. Many of today’s designers get their inspirational designs from looking into past fashions. From the earliest of times women have been covering themselves with garments. During the fifteenth century, the period called for long flowing gowns with frilly sleeves. Women of the time often wore a chemise that covered any bare skin. During this time, the corset made its debut. These were put on to help a woman maintain her figure. In the 1700’s, the petticoat was introduced.

Ranch Gals of the Century
Many styles from the 1900’s have been reintroduced over the years coming in and out of style. In the early years, the lingerie dress became popular. These dresses were made from cotton, linen, or lace. They are worn mainly in summer months. During this early time, a more tailored look came onto the scene. They were styled after male shirts with higher collars and were often used as uniforms. We have also seen form fitting ball gowns with higher waists, tunic types of jackets, and a more straight lined design for the corset. For the farm and ranch type of gal, many styles are sold through a feed store in Folsom CA. They do not just sell pet food anymore!

Through the Ages
By the 1920s, fashion took a very modern tone. In Europe and in the U.S. after World War I, trends became even less conservative and a little bit more boyish in the tone. Skirts became shorter and often had pleats. The corset began to disappear from the scene as women leaned toward a more flattened out look.

During the 50s came the emergence of the poodle skirt. This was a big decade of swing style dancing and these styles of skirts grew in popularity because of how they flowed. For the working woman, the pencil skirt grew popular. This type of skirt was very narrow and considered to be sexy. Women of that time period loved to wear them.

In the 1960s clothing styles became even more diverse. Fashion trends really gained the most momentum during this period. Geometrically shaped clothing, pastel colors, and huge buttons were really popular. In the 80s, the look of the Valley Girl stole the scene as did the preppy look. New wave was considered to be leggings and jackets.

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