Uses For Rubber Base Traffic Cone

by | Oct 16, 2013 | safety devices

When out and about driving, most people have encountered a barrier or detour that includes the orange colored cones. The state and county highway department use them to control traffic while road work is underway. Some special event centers use them to control the flow of traffic and guest parking. These types of safety cones come in different sizes. The smaller ones are usually used for parking lots or other spaces that are more confined. You will notice the larger ones on the major highways or roads. There are several uses for a rubber base traffic cone.

The most common reason for use is for a warning or indicator. They can be strategically placed in areas to alert people to hazardous or dangerous conditions.

Sometimes these cones will also be used around a road construction area. They are intended to provide a barrier and keep people in the other lane away from the construction workers and equipment. This is a safety measure that is taken by the highway departments and construction companies.

When road construction takes place at night, the crews will add reflective rings to the cones. This lights up and enables drivers to see the cones so they will pay attention. They are intended to alert drivers.

A traffic cone with rubber base is used to help protect motorist, the workers in an area and others that may be passing through. They are a very important part of maintaining safety for everyone in the area. Sometimes construction sites will use these cones as a barrier to keep people out and away from the site where work is taking place.

Not everyone uses the freestanding cones. Some companies will use pop up cones. These are a convenient option because they take up less space than the freestanding cones. Many individuals will also choose the collapsible cones to carry in their personal vehicle while traveling. This is a good idea. You never know when you could have a flat tire or vehicle malfunction that will leave you sitting. Putting this cone in plain view so others can see it will help keep you from getting run over on a busy highway.

There are many different uses for traffic cones when it comes to road and highway safety. They are an important part of maintaining traffic safety in many different situations.

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