A Screen Print in Bonner Springs and Other Popular Methods

by | Jul 31, 2014 | Clothing

T-shirt printing and general apparel design is one of the most profitable and widely accepted industries in the entire world. A simple screen print in Bonner Springs is part of a grerat culture of custom design for a vast assortment of reasons.

T-shirt printing comes in three main forms. The most classic and popular is known as screen printing. Its alternative uses a method of stitching known as embroidery. The newest method is peculiar and widely used. It is known as digital printing.

Screen Printing: A single screen print in Bonner Springs is part of a much larger culture. The process is quite simple. It involves a machine (sometimes it is done manually) that is covered in a see through screen of sorts. What occurs is that a design is placed over this screen that essentially carves out the intricacies of the specific design. Ink is placed between the screen and design, and holes are in position where the ink needs to be so it hits the fabric below. This is separated into colors. Take, for example, a three color design of a forest. So one process does the green of the trees. The other does the blue of the sky and the last does all the black parts in between and around the design.

Embroidery: Embroidery at House of Apparel is a methodology that is essentially a retooled version of machine sewing. A design is systematically stitched into a design. This is usually reserved for a logo or for the sake of employee uniforms. Companies can use embroidery for an employee’s name on her uniform, or to embroidery a company graphic or slogan.

Digital Printing: digital printing is often considered the arbiter of the future in t-shirt printing. It has a few flaws. For one, the design does not give that lifted and rather permanent characteristic provided by embroidery. But it can be customized very easily. It also removes the layering aspects of screen printing where the digital print is placed as one solid whole.

The above wraps up the three general arcs of t-shirt printing. Screen printing is still the most viable and logical, but digital is always a new option and embroidery offers a unique look for a unique purpose.

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