All About the WWE

by | Jul 22, 2013 | Shopping

The WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment is a wrestling franchise that Vincent Kennedy McMahon has made famous over the last few decades. The franchise has every night on cable covered with one of its many wrestling shows, from Friday Night SmackDown to Monday Night RAW, the show draws millions of wrestling fans to sit in front of their TV’s or sit in an arena to watch the Superstars of today’s wrestling throw down.

The show features household names such as HHH, actually the bosses son-in-law, HBK AKA The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, and Cody Rhodes, son of the legendary superstar Dusty Rhodes. While WWE is much better than it used to be, the brand does go through slow periods, where the writing team seems to go to sleep.

You can find any and everything to do with the WWE, and its superstars everywhere on TV, the Internet, commercials, and even in stores. K-Mart is the official sponsor of the WWE and carries the shirts, and the WWE Action Figures that kids are always clamoring for.

The show has such a following of children that it downgraded its rating to a PG-13 about a year ago, and is much tamer than it was during the shows “attitude era,” when DX (HHH and HBK) ruled the airways and made Vince’s life a living nightmare. From the era of Stone Cold Steve Austin to today’s modern superstar Randy Orton WWE is fresh, exciting and selling tickets and action figures like hot cakes on a cold winter’s morning.

If you are a die-hard wrestling fan and part of what is known of as the WWE Universe then you will want to watch every single pay-per-view that airs on Sunday nights, about once a month. The highlight of the year for WWE is of course WrestleMania, with legendary stars like the undefeated Undertaker and Mr. WrestleMania himself, (again, HBK Shawn Michaels), making an appearance. The WWE is sports entertainment at its very best and will be around for a good long time to come, if the fans have anything to say about it, and they do.

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