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Modern screen printing utilizes a technique to apply ink onto your shirt by using a stencil and screen. It was formally referred to as silk screening. Colored ink is poured onto a screen, and penetrates through it to form the preferred shirt design. Screen-printing is suitable for large orders of custom t-shirts.

Methods of screen printing

It is usually done through any one of these methods:


Water-based Inks

Discharge Printing

Four Color Process

Simulated Process

The process is carried out using the following essential materials:

Inks: Inks come with different quality aspects like richer colors, coverage, ideal workability, easier water cleanup among others.

Printing screen: Hard wood frames are used as screens.

Squeegees: They come fitted with a wooden handle and can be used for printing on wood, paper cardboard and fabric. Nitrile and Urethane-;the component of squeegees-;are designed to support smooth print runs.

How to ensure a quality Screen Print Olathe Service

Use the proper mesh for the job. Higher mesh counts are used for multi-color work.

Make sure the screens are strained properly.

Print off-contact -; regardless of whether you are using shims on the press.

Reduce the ink if essential to make it flow and infiltrate better.

Use just one stroke to make a clean print with minimal ink deposit.

Flash-cure only if necessary.

Have a soft print that has good detail and can be done in high production.

Benefits Associated With Using Screen Print Olathe service

Reliability: Working with a reputable Screen Print Olathe company like House of Apparel is vital as they are able to observe the timetable. Knowing when your custom t-shirts will be ready makes it easy for you to plan-;this is especially true if you are printing the t-shirts for promotion purpose.

Guaranteed quality.

Great pricing: Hiring a Screen Print Olathe company, you get the chance to print in bulk and in long term-;this helps you save on printing costs.

Experience: Majority of experience Screen Print Olathe companies have dealt with different projects in the past and understand what need to be done to make best out of service.

Top notch customer service: A well-established Screen Print Olathe company have the capability of upholding the highest standard of customer service. They will take time to consult with you and find out what exactly your needs are.

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