Get Fit this New Year

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Ok, so the ‘new year’ is not so new. We are already a few weeks into it but there’s still enough time to keep that New Year resolution alive. If you did make a vow to yourself to get fit this year you can still achieve your goal. Getting fit doesn’t have to require hours of strenuous exercise, breaking a sweat and exhausting yourself. It can actually be a very pleasant experience. You can start with gentle walking exercises and build your cardio-vascular muscles up. Then, if you want to
jog or run or cycle, you can work up to that in a few weeks.

Have you got a few extra pounds around your middle that you would rather see gone? Have you over-indulged during the Christmas season and found that all those goodies are not leaving the waistline? Perhaps you tried to get back in your business suit after a break and found that it seems to have shrunk while you weren’t looking. Well, eating excessively over the Christmas period is definitely something that will add a few unwanted inches to your waistline. Getting them off is not nearly as easy as getting them on, but it can be done. It takes perseverance and stamina but there’s no reason why you can’t succeed.

Anyone can do it

If you live in or near Chicago Fitness Coach might be something you could easily try. When you work with a fitness coach they can support your decision and help you focus on getting the job done. They can coach you in all manner of fitness related issues and some can even help with diet and nutrition. Most fitness coaches understand how the muscles in the body work, how fat can be burned off easier and the best exercises to do to best benefit certain areas of your body. This can leave your physique looking sharp, buff and ripped.

When you visit a fitness coach for the first time they will probably ask you a series of questions about your general medical condition and health. They will also ask what type of exercise you can do physically and what types you can’t do. They need to take into consideration that each body has its limits and not all people can achieve the same level of movement and fitness. They will focus on your strengths and help you build up your weaker areas with gentle but effective exercise that can strengthen your overall body and lose those extra pounds. Don’t forget to be honest with a fitness coach because if you leave out any specific detail about any health conditions you could find yourself flat on your back for weeks. They need to know about any problems so they can help you work around them.

Hardpressed Fitness is the best way to find good personal training in Chicago. Don’t put off getting fit, call us for help today.

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