Three Bands to Consider for Men Wedding Rings in Colusa CA

by | Mar 5, 2013 | Shopping

Most people’s attention will be drawn to the woman’s finger after a wedding takes place, but men wedding rings in Colusa CA are just as important as women rings. A wedding ring is a gift used to signify never-ending love and when you exchange rings with your fiancé, you are making a promise to have an eternal bond with that person. The men wedding rings in Colusa CA you buy must mirror your partner’s taste and in many cases, the male and the female will opt for matching bands. Whatever men wedding rings in Colusa CA you end up buying, it is important that you focus on the three main bands.

Titanium Bands

Men are likely to do the DIY jobs at home; therefore you need to find men wedding rings in Colusa CA that are resistant to scratches. Titanium bands will be suitable if your husband-to-be is very ‘hands-on’ because this lightweight metal looks great and is very strong. Military tanks, subs and jets are normally crafted with titanium, proving how strong this metal is. Titanium is also used in hospital operations because it is versatile and does not corrode. You must find out the ring size of your partner if you opt for titanium bands because once made, these rings cannot be resized.

Gold Bands

Does your partner like to wear extravagant jewelry? If so, gold bands should be on your list when you look for men wedding rings in Colusa CA. This is a customary choice for women and if you want your ring to match your partners, gold will be a good investment. Gold will look rich with any color diamond however; it is not as scratch-resistant as titanium and may need extra care. The higher the carat, the softer the metal will be so save yourself some money and hassle by choosing a gold band with a low carat. If your partner piles on the pounds further down the line, he can get his gold band resized by an experienced jeweler, making this a versatile option.

Silver and Platinum Bands

Silver and platinum are two types of metal that are relatively affordable and very strong. Despite their strength, they are also quite heavy and can bend out of shape easier than titanium. Bear in mind that if you buy men wedding rings in Colusa CA made from silver or platinum, there is a higher risk of corrosion. To avoid major corrosion you should clean the band regularly.

A personalized ring will make your partner feel special, so think about customizing or engraving men wedding rings in Colusa CA when you visit jewelers. Make sure you find out the ring size of your partner before buying the ring and find out if he prefers titanium, gold, platinum or silver metal.



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