Introducing More Savings than a Coupon Can Provide

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Kids Clothing

When it comes to buying baby formula, store brands are often a great choice for many parents. There are many reasons that parents choose to go with a store brand. For one, the nutritional values of the formula are comparable to other well known name brands of formula, but the price is another big advantage to purchasing the store brand. It is usually 40% to 50% less in cost than that of its competitors. Because of this lower price, there is no need for a baby formula coupon.

Offering Greater Value and Big Savings

Parents who select a store brand of baby formula often save approximately $600 on average each year. By visiting their website for a store brand of baby formula, you can often find a savings calculator to compare this brand to other national brands and see how much you cans save. For families who live on a strict budget, this direct savings is very beneficial and hassle free. These savings are much better than having a baby formula coupon that simply gives a dollar or two off of the price.

Nutritionally Sound and Exceeding Standards and Regulations

Store brand formulas are often extensive and have a full product line that is completely nutritional and meets the standards set forth by the FDA. It will also meets or exceeds the standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics. This organization is the largest one combined of pediatricians who are committed to the improvement of the well-being and health of children and infants. Studies show these formulas support development and growth. They have to be easy to digest formulas and shown to be well tolerated by babies. When it comes to formulas, the truth is that a higher price does not make it a good brand. Regardless of the brand, all formulas must meet the same FDA regulations. A store brand of formula must meet the nutritional regulations set forth by the U.S. National Academy of Science National Council of Research.

The Perfect Brand for the Budget Conscious

Everyday parents and caregivers scour the papers and research online for baby formula coupons. Having a baby and raising children can become very expensive, especially for families with more than one. This is why store brand formulas are designed to be inexpensive without cutting any corners on nutritional values. Compared to national brands, families can save lots of money just be switching to a store exclusive brand of formula. When you live on a budget and every penny counts, and these savings can mean a lot.

The Parent’s Choice formula brand is a private label product sold exclusively at Wal-Mart stores. You can purchase this product in stores and online. This Vermont based company has been making high quality products for infants and toddlers since 1998. Check out the discounts when looking for a baby formula coupon.

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