Child-Sized Furniture Because a Baby is Not a Baby for Long

by | Apr 26, 2013 | Kids Clothing

Once the nursery is ready for furniture, the next question is: Why type of furniture should be added to the room? Obviously, a crib and dresser are needed, but those are just basic pieces. There are two facts to consider when preparing a nursery. First, the newborn will not stay a newborn for very long. Second, the parents need to ensure the nursery accommodates a developing child. Though newborn items are delightful to look at and to give as gifts, there are other baby furniture items that are also practical, useful, and needed in the near future.

For example, a newborn cannot sit in a child-sized rocking chair, but a toddler can. Now consider the fact that a newborn becomes a toddler when turning one-year old. Twelve months is not a long period of time, which is why parents get caught unprepared as their baby grows. The toddler wants to roam, rock in chairs, store toys, step on stools, and generally have a good time. The furniture needs to encourage an older baby or toddler to attempt new feats and develop life skills.

Just the Right Size for Learning

For example, a bookcase designed for children’s books encourages reading and storing books, storing items on shelves and off the floor, and keeping a room neat and picked up. A sturdy toy chest accomplishes much the same things because a baby or toddler learns that everything has a place and there is a place for everything.  A teenager may balk at putting possessions away, while a toddler finds it exciting to open a toy chest lid and stash favorite toys.

The same is true for a child-size table and chairs. Once children reach the first grade, there is nothing too exciting about a table and chair set. Yet give a one-year old their own table and two chairs sized for little bodies and the excitement is obvious.

A nursery can be outfitted with a variety of furniture items that promote learning also. Rocking chairs with magazine racks and mirrors are just two examples. Keeping picture books handy will attract the attention of little children always looking for something to capture their imagination. Mirrors are ideal for teaching about “self”, whether it is parts of the body, wearing clothes, of just learning about images.

A Blink of an Eye

As a child grows older, additional furniture can be added. For example, a princess jewelry chest and vanity table looks adorable in a little girl’s room. A young daughter can begin to learn about grooming by using the delightful furniture. A little boy’s room is enhanced with the addition of a prince’s toy box storage unit with bench. Cabinets, benches, and stools are ideal in a child’s room.

You do not have to wait to set up the nursery for an older child. Newborns become infants who then become toddlers, and it seems to happen in the blink of an eye. By setting the nursery up to accommodate a growing child, you are not taken by surprise when your baby realizes toys can be stashed or wants to sit at his or her own table. Child-sized furniture turns an ordinary nursery into a room ready to grow with your baby.

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