How to Knit Gloves by Yourself?

by | Jun 24, 2010 | Clothing Accessories

Knit Gloves

Knit Gloves

Knitting is relaxing and a fun job to do. After all what could be more fun than to wear your own hand knitted mufflers or pullovers? One of the best things about this hobby is that it can be done anywhere. People who know how to knit can do it while they are travelling, sitting in the waiting room or at home. So, if you want to learn knitting, start with gloves as they are easy to knit and great for beginners.

As soon as you take a decision to knit gloves, you need to decide the desired style. After this, you have to select the colours and materials. In order to knit gloves, you need to get 200 yards of sport yarn, a set of 5 double pointed needles, size 3 needles, stitch makers, blunt needles and stitch holders. All the above mentioned things will help you in making medium or large sized gloves.

Follow these instructions to make knit gloves

First of all, you need to cast 38 stitches on double pointed needles for making a standard fingerless glove. You can also cast more number of stitches for larger sized gloves. In order to begin the first row, you have to start knitting and purling two stitches. Repeat the same pattern at the end of the row by knitting more stitches. Continue the same pattern until the knitted piece reaches up to desired length or 7 inches. After following these steps, the base of knitted fingerless gloves is ready.

Now, you have to bind the base loosely and then fold the knitted piece in the vertical direction. After doing this, you need to sew 1 inch down from the top of the piece. You also have to sew 3 inches up from the bottom. Make sure that you leave at least 3 inches space for the thumb opening. The whole sewing procedure can also be done with the help of a sewing machine.

With the help of blunt point needle, you have to weave at the ends and gather the loose threads. Enjoy wearing hand-made knitted gloves.

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