10 tips for buying a men’s wallet

by | Jun 24, 2010 | Clothing Accessories

Men’s Wallet

Men’s Wallet

Men’s wallets are requirements for staying stylish, efficient and well organised. When it comes to selecting perfect wallet to suit your needs, below mentioned tips that can help greatly help you:


Are you a Bi-fold or Tri-fold type of guy? Bi-fold men’s wallets are bit larger and generally less bulky to fit into your back pocket. On the other hand, Tri-fold wallets offer sufficient space for different items. They are generally thicker and thus you need to look for comfort and the way it fits into your pocket prior to selecting one.

Money compartments:

Almost all wallets have different compartments for keeping money. If you’re really organized and want to keep your bills separate, opting for two compartment wallets is way to go.


Identification section:

Choose the identification area regarding where you choose to have your ID positioned. While some wallets may hide it, others make it suitable and place that segment predominately.

Coins compartment:

Choose a wallet that can incorporate your organization with a coin compartment. Having a coin compartment option will eliminate the need to carrying loose change in your pockets.


Generally, as leather is one of the most durable materials, most men’s wallets are made from leather. If you prefer having something that can last longer, designer wallets are superb options. On the other hand, for active or athletes, nylon or plastic wallets are great.

Card slots:

If you have many credit/debit cards, then you need to look for a wallet that can offer numerous slots to accommodate all these cards. The extra slots can also be used for keeping gift cards, discount cards, dining cards etc.


As most men’s wallets are made from leather, they are typically black or brown. When choosing one, go bold and select the one that fits your sense of style and personality.


The brand of wallet is important to your necessity and style. Most designer wallets often flaunt their logo on the wallet, thus displaying your style and taste.



This is one of the most important considerations when looking forward to get a men’s wallet. With many different types and styles of wallets available, you can easily choose the one depending on your budget and requirements.


Many people like to keep the precious pictures of their grand children or wife. If you are one of those, make sure the wallet you choose has a compartment to keep photos.

So, with the help of these tips you can easily purchase a men’s wallet that fits into your budget and meets your requirements.

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