Purchasing the Portable Charging Case for Electronic Cigarettes

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The rechargeable electronic cigarette can be used as a replacement for tobacco filled cigarettes. It comes with accessories that can be used to make them last longer. Like with the portable charging case, which can come in handy during your travels. The charger is much-needed because the batteries are small and typically only deliver 50 or so puffs per charge. The portable charging case is a way to keep the electronic cigarette charged, instead of needing to use someone else’s e-cigarette.

Charging E-Cigarette Dead Batteries

Because electronic cigarettes are so small, they are only able to give about four to five rounds of an actual tobacco cigarette , before it’s time to plug up the rechargeable electronic cigarette. Those who are always on the go can use the portable charging case since it comes with a USB port access or a regular plug.

A Portable Charging Case Protects the E-Cigarette

A rechargeable electronic cigarette is small and easy to lose. It doesn’t burn, so it’s common for people to place them in their pocket when their outside. This is a bad idea because when the user sits down, the electronic cigarette could bend the atomizer and other component. With the portable charging case, the electronic cigarette can be put away and protected.

The Diversity of the Portable Charging Case

Ensuring that the smoker is able to continue using the electronic cigarette without fail, all three ways of charging capabilities should be explored and accessible. In case the user is unable to get access to a wall outlet or a car jack, if there is a computer nearby, the USB charger can be used instead. The portable charging case can be charged through a direct connection with a wall outlet or USB port. When the e-cigarette dies, the individual won’t have to turn to a real cigarette to get satisfaction.

Nice Design of the Portable Charging Case

Other than being able to charge electronic cigarettes in multiple ways, the portable charging case comes with a sleek design, similar to the cases or packs that hold real cigarettes. The e-cigarette cases, however, are small, since all it has to hold is a battery, cartridges and an electronic cigarette. It is also able to charge other devices like cell phones and iPods that use 3.7-volt power like the electronic cigarette.

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