The Benefits Of Eating Whole And Organic Foods

by | Mar 20, 2013 | Shopping

America is more obese than ever. Two-thirds of adults as well as a growing number of the youth are either overweight or obese. While this is attributed to multiple causes, such as lack of physical activity, one of the main reasons is the selection of foods we put on the dinner table. So many foods these days are heavily processed and far from their original state. The typical meat and poultry has been injected with artificial hormones. Even the vegetables and fruits have been genetically engineered. To buy and consume organic and natural foods, you should look for a market that sells whole food in Atlanta GA.


There is simply not enough research done to know the long-term health effects of eating processed foods. Most food manufacturers have insisted that processed foods are safe and in some cases are even healthier than organic foods due to the fact that they are fortified with additional vitamins and nutrients. However, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that fortified foods are any better than natural foods. Food companies are also clearly biased as the truth can hurt their business.


It is best to eat foods that nature intended people to consume. You can shop in stores that sell whole food in Atlanta GA. These markets receive all their goods from farms that produce their meat and produce the natural way. This means that all fruits and vegetables are naturally grown without using any pesticides or chemicals. All livestock are treated and slaughtered humanely and were not fed dangerous growth hormones that could affect the quality of the meat.


By eating healthy, you can drastically cut down on the risk of obesity and other health conditions, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. People who consistently eat naturally prepared foods also report feeling more energetic and experience less mood swings and feelings like depression and anxiety.


While organic foods may be a little bit more expensive, you have to ask yourself whether you can put a price tag on your health. Obesity and other health problems are on the incline in America and eating the wrong foods in excess portions is one of the primary causes. Make the decision to buy and eat whole food in Atlanta GA. This is the key to long-term health and vitality.


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