What Is A Closet Organizer?

by | Oct 31, 2013 | Shopping

If your closet is a mess, totally unorganized with loads of wasted space, you are not alone. Unless you are fortunate enough to have had the chance to custom build your walk-in closets when your home was built, you probably ended up with little more than a wooden shelf and below it, a rail. Usually the shelf is too high to be practical and the rail is positioned in the wrong place. The net result is; chaos in the closet. Even though the closet in your home is fixed, with discount closet organizers you can make maximum use of every square inch.

Discount closet organizers consist of modular shelves, racks, hooks, storage boxes and bins. When these components are put together in a logical sequence, even the most chaotic closet can quickly become a picture of organization, where there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. Although you can find the components that you need from different stores and sources, your best bet is usually to buy everything matching because components purchased from one manufacture will fit together perfectly; chances are that mix-n-match components will not complement one another.

In most cases it is advisable to eliminate the fixed shelf and clothing bar that came with the house, although, with the modular concept of closet organizers, you may be able to utilize them. A good closet organizer will allow for two clothes rails, one above the other with shelves along the one side. If, after raising the clothing bar to allow for the installation of a second lower bar, you still have space above the top bar, this is where the original shelf can be used.

Set on the floor, below the double clothing bars is where a shoe rack will be placed. This keeps all the shoes neatly organized instead of being in a big pile on the floor. In many cases, especially if you have space, slide out storage bins can be added to the side shelves; these bins pull out just like any drawer would. Depending on the type of closet door, additional shelves can be added on the door as can be hooks. If the door opens outwards then a hanging shoe organizer can be used, freeing up more space in the closet.


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