Use Custom Coffee Mugs For Family Vacation Memories

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Shopping

Every family has those special trips that they’d like to remember forever. While it’s easy to take vacation photos, many people fail to get the photos developed or stick the pictures in a box, rarely looked at and enjoyed. One way to remember a fun family vacation is to choose a photo or two that best represents the trip and have it printed onto custom coffee mugs. Many people enjoy a daily dose of coffee, hot tea, or hot chocolate, and a mug with a photo of a favorite family trip will bring back good memories. If you travel frequently, you could build up a nice collection of mugs that include photos of some of your favorite adventures.

Choose The Right Mug

Before you purchase a memory mug, you need to evaluate the type of mug that suits your needs. Custom coffee mugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some being suitable for traveling and others only suitable for home or office use. You can choose from stoneware or ceramic mugs, with stoneware having a more rustic feel. A stoneware mug would be perfect for remembering a camping or hiking trip, as the look of the mug would represent the vacation and match the photograph you choose to use.

If you drink your coffee while on the go, a travel mug would work best. These insulated mugs have lids that keep your coffee from spilling and can be custom printed with the photo of your choice. With a custom travel mug, you can take your family memories with you to work, school, and out for fun.

Customization Options

After you choose the right photo, you will need to choose the right customization options for your mug. Custom coffee mugs can include the date of your trip, the name of the location, or even a fun, quirky saying that you choose yourself. The color and font of the print is often customizable, so you can choose the lettering and colors that look best with the photo and on the mug. Using a coffee mug to remember family vacations is a unique way to showcase photos. It’s also a great conversation starter when guests use your mug and ask you questions about the photo and your vacation.

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