Gift Ideas for the Green Conscious

by | Nov 6, 2013 | Shopping

Even if you have not jumped on the eco-friendly band wagon yourself, if you are shopping for an eco-minded friend or family member it isn’t a bad idea to offer them some eco-friendly gift items that will let them know you are listening. Regardless of the occasion there are plenty of green gifts to make any eco-conscious person happy.

Sustainable Fabric Gift Ideas

Items designed from sustainable fibers such as jute provide many ideas such as reusable burlap drawstring bags for unique gifts ideas. Burlap is a good example of completely sustainable fibre that is woven into a fabric with many uses. Although burlap may sound like something you use to carry potatoes, it has become a very trendy, eco-friendly favorite with many uses. There are many lovely items that would thrill any eco-conscious person. You can find multi-purpose bags for shopping errands and all kinds of stylish items including laptop accessories.

Eco Chic Gifts

You can also find a number of eco chic choices for the fashion conscious green goddess. There are many bags that are attractive, affordable and eco-friendly using jute burlap and other sustainable materials such as cane handles and toggles. You can find large size over the shoulder handbags as well as smaller purses, clutches and wallets. The fashion savvy person might also appreciate a few jute shopping bags so they can avoid using plastic bags but also avoid the less attractive reusable bags purchased at their local grocers.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

If you are offering a gift that is not necessarily eco-friendly you can wrap it up in a pretty little package using eco-savvy options. Jute wine bags are not only reusable but also attractive when tied with a bow or offered with a small bundle of fresh flowers on the drawstring. There are also many jute and cotton gift bags you can dress up with twine, flowers and recycled paper cards.

Party Favors

If you are throwing a kids’ party and want to offer party favors you can elect to use burlap favor bags filled with candy and small toys. This will set an example for kids and still provide them with the treats and fun items they are hoping for when they come to the party.


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