Where Can I Buy Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes Online

by | May 22, 2014 | Shopping

If you are looking to buy cheap Marlboro cigarettes, there are many online resources that you can access. There are now suppliers of Marlboro cigarettes across the internet that offer various pack sizes at discount prices, all of which can be delivered direct to your door.

Marlboro cigarettes were launched in the US at first and were aimed primarily toward female smokers. The name was chosen as the factory was situated on Marlborough Street.  In 1902, Phillip Morris established a subsidiary in New York to appeal to the US market.  However, during the 1940’s cigarette filters were introduced, which Marlboro began to use in their cigarettes. Due to this, they launched a fresh advertising campaign, which would appeal to a larger range of cigarette smokers on a global scale.

Marlboro introduced its “Marlboro Man” advertising campaign in the 1960’s and he remained a significant figure in several advertisements which promoted Marlboro cigarettes. At this time the Marlboro packaging was designed by Frank Gianninoto and Leo Burnett began handling the companies advertising. These advertisement campaigns were then targeting a new and wider audience, aiming toward smokers who were strong and independent individuals.

Marlboro were ranked amongst the most popular brand of cigarette which was purchased throughout the world in 1992, having a market share of around $32 billion. The brand is now known on a worldwide scale and their products are available to buy throughout 180 countries. In 2011 the Marlboro King Size Gold cigarettes amassed sales of over 668 million and became the third best seller within the UK.

Marlboro offer 25 varieties of cigarette that you are able to purchase including the Full Flavour Reds, Lights, Menthol, Ultra Lights, Stronger than Reds, Medium Strength, although there are many more selections to choose from.

The most popular varieties include King Size, Medium Reds 25’s, Menthol, Marlboro Medium and the Marlboro Blend No 27 to name just a few.
The majority of Marlboro cigarettes contain top-grade Virginia tobacco, ensuring a smooth and satisfying smoke for each buyer, with brand names that are recognized, well-known and reliable.

Marlboro cigarettes are available to buy online at differing prices, depending on who you wish to purchase them from. It is always advisable to research the numerous suppliers thoroughly to ensure that you receive the best possible quality Marlboro cigarettes, but at a price that meets your needs and the budget that you have available.

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