So Many E Juice Flavors to Choose!

E juice flavors make the electronic cigarette experience complete. You can have no flavor if you prefer, but then where’s the fun in that? There are so many flavors; you simply have to try the varieties to find which one works for you. Whether you like to go mellow or...

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Why Some Smokers Prefer Little Cigars

These days, cigars can come in a large variety of different sizes and flavors. In recent years, little cigars have become a lot more popular. Little cigars are also known as small cigars, miniatures, and the most widely used term, cigarillo. Certain little cigar...

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Got Cookie? A Nostalgic Vaping Experience

In the mood for a treat? You’re certainly in for one with this delight. “Got Cookie?” is the most decadent flavor yet to come out of the Nicoticket eJuice kitchen. This black and white chocolate flavored eJuice brings back the childlike joy of that vanilla cream...

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