How to Be Eco-Friendly When Buying Inkjet Cartridges and Other Office Accessories

by | Dec 21, 2013 | Shopping

In the past decade or so, the desire for people to be kinder to the earth by altering their actions has become extremely widespread. Products ranging from biodegradable trash bags to recycled toilet paper are helping individuals embrace the “greener” way of life. There are also several ways to support an eco-conscious lifestyle by changing your buying habits for things like inkjet cartridges and related office supplies, too. Keep reading to learn more.

Take the Refurbished Route

A refurbished cartridge is one that was originally produced to specifications by a manufacturer and later cleaned and refilled professionally before being resold. Not only are these types of inkjet cartridges typically less expensive than the genuine models, but they also help you embrace a recycling mindset through something you already need to purchase on a regular basis. Even if you’re not accustomed to being extremely environmentally friendly, this is a lifestyle change you can make right away without dealing with a major compromise.

Use Recycled Office Paper

Since people have begun more earnestly committing themselves to living in ways that promote the health of the planet, manufacturers have responded in kind by making more recycled products readily available. Besides choosing refurbished inkjet cartridges, consider buying reams of paper made from recycled materials.

Although it’s hard to distinguish recycled paper from standard choices by appearance alone, you can purchase it and feel good about doing something meaningful to support waste reduction. It’s also available in several weights and colors, so you can easily find some to match your requirements.

Printers to Accompany Your Inkjet Cartridges

Many printers have robust feature sets, yet operate in ways that conserve energy. Some are specifically certified as being able to save impressive amounts of energy, and others make it simple to print multiple documents on a single sheet so you can get into the habit of cutting down on excessive paper usage while completing printing tasks.

Some also have sleep modes that allow the appliances to transition into a lower power setting once they’ve been idle for extended periods. Look for versions that allow you to only replace a single depleted cartridge rather than an entire set when ink levels become low, too.

Now you should have a few great ideas for being more eco-conscious as you tackle office-related responsibilities. Make them a part of your lifestyle today.

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