Use Your Imagination to Come Up With Personalized Baby Gifts

by | Dec 12, 2013 | Shopping

Looking for baby gifts but tired of seeing the same, old stuff like toys, clothes etc. in stores and catalogs? How about tweaking that stuff a bit here and there and making your own personalized baby gifts? Then be it a baby shower or a christening or holiday gifts, your gifts will stand out as unique presents to be kept as fond mementos for years to come.

The most mundane of gifts can be converted into something different with some application of your imagination and creativity. For instance, photo albums are popular gift items for babies but how about adding your own personal touch to the store-bought gift by way of adding a few bows or ribbons or colored tapes here and there? And if you are artistically inclined you can even hand paint the cover or/ pages of the album. The easier option is to stick ready-made baby stickers and die-outs in the album with enough space left for the pictures. Even putting up a few pictures of the baby with your personal comments will turn the album into something special.

While on pictures of the baby another wonderful gifting idea is to get the photos transferred onto mugs, bowls, clocks, cushions or pillows or blankets and even items of clothing like t-shirts. Wooden plaques with a picture of the baby and a few lines on the occasion it was presented also make for unique baby gifts. This special technology really helps you come up with a novel gift and something which will be cherished by the parents.

Ceramic dishes which are hand painted and safe for the baby are also available in the market. These cups, bowls, plates not only look pretty and colorful but also stand out from the rest of the gifts. As an added dimension you can have some tidbits abut the baby put up on the dishes to make the present unique.

Grandparents, godparents or close family/friends like to present personalized baby gifts and although these are not something new, nevertheless, engraved silver mementos still top their list. Along with the baby’s name and the giver’s name, if a few personal lines could also be engraved, the gift could become even more special. A favorite uncle, aunt or grandparent will forever remain in the memory this way. Silver items normally include spoons, bowls, picture frames, plates and trinkets like bracelets or pendants. A pendant with a flip over lid can be got and a picture inserted into the cavity; although old-fashioned, this never goes out of style and is a wonderful keepsake.

Even hand knitted sweaters, socks, scarves may seem outdated but with a baby’s name knitted into it, the gift becomes a labor of love and a treasured possession. The most ordinary towel sets can be transformed into personalized baby gifts by embroidering the baby’s name onto them.

Thus, the possibilities are endless and the usual baby gifts can undergo an instant makeover into personalized baby gifts with just some creativity and imagination. Visit Gotobaby website to explore more of the baby gift ideas.

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