Hypothermia – one of the hazards arising from wearing wet clothes

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Hypothermia is one of the biggest dangers to people working outdoors or partaking in a recreational activity outside. Hypothermia can be caused by a number of things but basically occurs when our bodies core temperature drops below 38 degree Celsius. As mentioned previously, this can be caused by a number of things but one of the most common causes of hypothermia is due to wearing wet clothes for an extended period of time in cold temperatures. It is therefore advisable that we take all the necessary precautions if partaking in any activity that may result in us becoming wet for an extended period of time in cold temperatures. Rainwear for men and women is widely available in stores and online and it is vital that we purchase suitable waterproof clothing if we think we may be at risk during the activity. Hypothermia can be fatal so it is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed prior to the event.

The symptoms of hypothermia

There are some tell tale signs that suggest a person is suffering from hypothermia and we should be aware of these so that we can quickly give the necessary treatment and care to the afflicted person. By understanding what to look out for we are able to prevent the seriousness of the situation escalating further. Firstly, we should be aware of the individuals movement and speech. A person suffering from hypothermia will almost certainly have slow body movements together with slow or staggered speech. They will be shivering, slowly and intermittently at first but as their core body temperature drops further this shivering will become more pronounced and frequent. Pupils will become dilated and the individual may become unresponsive.

How to prevent hypothermia

Hypothermia can be prevented by wearing suitable clothing when partaking in any outdoor activity. If there is a chance of rain or the possibility of coming into contact with water we should at the very least have waterproof clothing immediately available to us. It is advisable to wear waterproof clothing at all times when there is a risk of coming into contact with water. We do not know exactly when we may require it and once our clothes become damp it is very hard to dry them again in cold, damp conditions. Care should be taken to try and keep as active as possible to keep the core body temperature at higher levels and it is advisable to eat high energy foods on a regular basis. Foods that contain high levels of carbohydrates are particularly useful in combating the effects of hypothermia. Take advantage of the wide range of rainwear for men and women and remove the risk of suffering from this serious condition.

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