The Nursery Décor Should Create a Practical Baby Palace

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Shopping

13273438_xlThe nursery is for the baby, and mom and dad rightfully focus on choosing an appropriate theme, ranging from gardens to sports. However, the nursery is also a room for the parents, and that is often forgotten when choosing a nursery décor. It is the parents that must maintain the room over time and who spend considerable time in it. The more elaborate the nursery the more difficult it will be to keep the nursery clean. Therefore, decorating ideas should keep the safety and comfort of the baby in mind first and foremost, but also keep the nursery as easy to maintain as possible.

Decorating a nursery does not have to be elevated to the equivalent of decorating a palace. Though mom and dad may feel as if they have a little prince or princess, the nursery décor needs to be more practical. The room will be extensively used, needs to be well-maintained, and should be appealing to the baby. Items added to the nursery will play a role in getting the baby’s attention and stimulating learning. Though elaborate decorating may lead to nice results, it is more important to focus on using decorating items that are both practical and interesting to the baby.

Doing Double Duty

One of the common mistakes new parents make when decorating a nursery is choosing items that make the parents happy but have no value to the child. The end result is complicated wall decorations and other accessories that are difficult to dust. It is much better to select nursery décor items that are both easy to maintain and can be used to encourage learning.

Fortunately, there are many items like this available. They are beautiful decorating items that can also serve as learning tools. The items that are easy to maintain can add all the color and design needed in the nursery, and turn an ordinary room into a charming one that is practical for parents and stimulating for babies. Following are some good examples:

* Animal bookends that provide a clean look and offer plenty of opportunity to talk about the animal world and teach words like “book” too

* Personalized and washable security and crib blankets that are essential to baby comfort but also add a touch of color and personalization to the nursery

* A wood train set that spells out the name of the baby, is easy to dust, and can be used to teach letters as the child grows

* Nightlights that provide comfort for the baby, a lit path for parents at night, and are decorative at the same time

* Personalized wall tiles that require no maintenance except a brief dusting, make a wonderful decorative piece, and will be suitable for a growing child’s room as well as the nursery

A Simple Baby Palace

Nursery décor does not have to be elaborate because it is a room that gets a lot of use. It is more important that it be comfortable, practical, easy to maintain, and able to promote early learning. As parents choose each nursery item, they need to keep in mind that someone will have to clean all those items in the room.

Most people would agree that a better way to spend time is playing with the baby as opposed to spending hours cleaning the room. Parents creating a baby “palace” need to remember that mom and dad rule when it comes to selecting the nursery décor.

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