Brief guide to women’s footwear

by | Jun 24, 2010 | Clothing Accessories

Women usually invest a lot of money, time and efforts to look good. And it is true that looks do matter. In fact in today’s time good looks are as important as talent. This is the reason why everything from fashion accessories, make-up and clothes plays an important role if you want to look outstanding. Shoes also form an integral part of women’s fashion.

List of Popular Women’s Footwear

Women’s Footwear

Women’s Footwear


Sandals with simple designs have always been popular among the women. You can opt for sandals having simple designs if you want to settle for a more subtle look. There are different types of sandals for different occasions. For instance, you can wear black dress sandals with high heels for a party. Gladiator sandals are the latest fad in the sandal department. Celebrities like Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan have already adorned the gladiator sandals and made them popular. These sandals are a perfect choice if you want a good stylish solution for scorching sun.



These shoes are basically worn by dancers and are also known as ballerinas in some countries. Pumps have a low heel and a short vamp. They are suitable for the summer season. These stylish shoes are also considered more comfortable compared to the high-heel shoes.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels, introduced in the late 1950’s, are now again immensely popular among the women. These heels are different from the high heels and are basically low high-heels which vary from 1.5 to 2 inches in height. Kitten heels can also be worn for corporate events.


Sneaker Boot

Sneaker boots are more popular among the teenagers and college going girls. They are usually considered as an athletic women’s footwear. However, sneaker boots are also equipped with a low heel which makes it appear as a unique dress shoe.

High Heels & Stilettos


Generally characterized by high heels, a minimum of 4 inches, these still rule the roost when it comes to fashion. From ramps to parties, high heels and stilettos are immensely popular.

So, choose the shoe that defines your personality and get the world at your feet.

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